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Notice from George Sellios

This past year, without discussing it with anyone, I made a rather hasty decision to go into retirement, thus ending the manufacturing of Fine Scale Miniature kits. Due to the overwhelming response from hundreds of FSM customers who urged me not to quit the business, and also from my wife Cathy who works for me, I have decided to continue making kits for at least two more years. I sincerely hope that my decision hasn't caused my customers and inconvenience.
George Sellios
Fine Scale Miniatures

Jamestown Water Stop has been sold out. Thank you for your support!


It's a blast from the past, another masterful job from Fine Scale Miniatures. Whether you model in standard or narrow gauge, backwoods or big time railroading, these are the kind of museum quality structures that always seem to draw a lot of attention upon close examination.
The Jamestown water stop is a pure craftsman type kit consisting of a handcar shed, a pump house for the water tank, and an abandoned freight car turned into a supply shed. These railroad structures are perfect for a short-line engine terminal or the backwoods. They have that "old time" look, but many railroads in the 40s, 50s, and 60s that had modern motive power still used old, vintage structures. They can even be used on a more modern railroad as a group of untouched, historical structures left to remind people of the glory days of a by-gone era. Discover the satisfaction that comes from building high quality wood kits. It is truly a major part of the fun that the greatest hobby in the world, model railroading, has to offer. The kit contains nearly 100 precision metal castings and will be released the first week in October. Only 600 kits will be made, so order now.

Jamestown Water Stop, HO Kit J.S. No. 16..........$235.00

Send check or money order (sorry, no credit cards). Please include $15.00 postage for US orders ($18.00 for Canadian orders). Include $2.00 extra for each additional kit. Massachusetts residents include 6.25% sales tax. No personal checks outside of the US.

PEABODY, MA 01960-5549
TEL. (978) 531-9418

Photos of Jamestown Water Stop

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all photographs by Tara Sellios

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For 48 years, I've never built an FSM kit that was taken right off the shelf. I felt my Jamestown Water Stop was a great looking structure and I had the perfect place for it (even though there already was one on my F&SM R.R.), so I decided to build it following my own written instructions. It was a fun kit but very challenging, especially adding the shingled roof and tank hoops. The results are shown below. The abandoned box car that comes with the kit is already on the layout and soon the water tank will be placed next to it.
Hope you enjoy,
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Photos of Jamestown Water Stop on the F&SM R.R.

The Jamestown Water Stop has found a home in West Manchester on my Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. The details surrounding the structures should give you some great ideas when you install the diorama on your layout. Whether it be a small freight yard or somewhere in the backwoods, the scene should be a real eye catcher.
-George Sellios

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all photographs by Tara Sellios

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My other Jamestown Water Stop was placed in a backwoods area called Beaver Meadow. A few changes were made on the box car, but as you can see, the diorama is basically the same.
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